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Laurus Day came and went without incident! It was lovely day for the Pope, rain or shine!! Laurus Day recieved a very warm welcome, and kindly people of numerous faiths wished me a happy Laurus Day. ^.^ A big thank you to one and all!! A bit worn about the edges, the Pope had a great Laurus Day, and she hopes that you had one, too.

Laurus be with you,

~*~ The Pope ~*~

HAPPY Laurus Day!!!

Good greetings and HAPPY LAURUS DAY!!!! A very special day for Laurians the world over! Don't forget to set your goal!!

May Laurus love you, cherish you, keep you, and, perhaps most importantly of all, be with you always,

~*~ The Pope ~*~

Greetings, avid readers! Laurus Day approaches, being now but three days away, and Laurus it should be great! The clergy will probably have to meet a day late for more official celebration, but the meaning of the day won't be lost. Remember to set a plausible and possible goal for yourselves!!
Laurianism is all about improving one's self, but doing so in great leaps is very difficult. Therefore, by setting smaller, manageable goals, the Laurian can obtain improvement far easier. Set up a time by which you wish to complete the goal; it's easier to get to the end of the journey when you know the destination at the outset, and it's easier to compel onesself into doing something about it. So keep that in mind, too! =D Give it your best shot and Laurus will be proud!

Laurus guide you,

~*~ The Pope ~*~
Though the Church of Laurus has been founded, a physical church has yet to be found itself! This will come at a later date, as necessity and Fate sees fit, but in the mean time the Pope has been working on some rough architechtural designs and ideas, all with various levels of possibility. My favourite features thus far will be the circular shape of the church as a whole, and the fact that it will have a donut centre as a courtyard; this courtyard will have a stainedglass dome above it. This area is where most services and activities would take place; the pews would be rounded into archs so that they would comply with the shape of the building. In the centre I'd love to have a tree growing... Personally, something like an oak or a yew would be beautiful. Yew and oaks are also amazing symbolically; oaks often being associated with honour and loyalty, yew for long life. Yew also grow slowly and last thousands of years, so the dome structure would be safe for quite some time, and the tree would not need be replaced unless it falls victim to neglect, abuse, or disease/pests. I would love to get an organ that would be an integral part of the centre tree, but not only would this be complicated, it would also be hard to tune, as my Arch pointed out. An organ will be present in the final plans! Location TBA. Most of the rest of the structure (inside and out) I've yet to put too much thought into. Originally this was to contain some rough sketches from MS Paint, but the Pope is getting tired and has a lot of reading to do... Perhaps in an edit I can add some tomorrow or over the weekend.

Laurus keep and protect you,

~*~ The Pope ~*~
The Pope here with a small update! Now up-to-date Laurian news that isn't necessarrilly important/big enough to make it here to the main site until it's more finalized. Feel free to bring up subjects mentioned there here, though! The Pope has a separate LJ now! This will include everything from reflections on Laurianism to tidbits on symbolism within symbolism to random pictures of vague pretinence to the Pope and/or Arch!

Laurus be with you,

~*~ The Pope ~*~
For those members of the Church also on the FaceBook, don't forget to stop by and check for updates on occassion! A new event, Laurus Day, has been added! Don't forget to mark your calenders and join!!! More NEW and exciting things to come soon, I hope!

In another sector of business, the Pope has been delving into some research so that the clergy may be garbed beautifully and symbolically! With a few approvals, I can hopefully sketch up some robes and hats to show a general idea of how the regalia will end up looking; granted my artistic skills will limit this, but it will give a general idea, at the very least. Discussions are still taking place with the Arch to get a good idea where that end of things is headed! A list of regalia and symbolism will be included as soon as things are finalized!

Laurus keep and cherish thee,

~ The Pope ~

>>EDIT: It has become to The Pope's attention that the_arch_bishop needs to at least make some effort at supporting the LJ front, the FB front, or the creation of the webpage, which she needs to build as soon as she has the time. The Pope will remove this libel as soon as some sort of effort is made, but until then, the_arch_bishop is to be considered a silly ninny. She need only to post something or start the webpage to have this libel removed and any tarnish to her otherwises very good name with it!
We're well into the year of 2007 now, and the Faith is still booming! The first ever official Laurus Day approaches, and the Archbishop and I need to start discussing how this should be handled. Ticker-tape at a minimum, please! Laurus may be exposed to the masses come March!

Also, the idea for a Wikipedia article based on the faith came to mind, since one can really make an article on just about anything. Hopefully the Archbishop can give some feedback on that, and I shall update as needed. Laurus will hopefully be in better spirits as we start out this new year, so remember, keep it plausible!

Laurus be with you,

~The Pope~
Welcome all to the Church of Laurus.